About Me

Juuso Korhonen


My name is Juuso Korhonen and I am an experimental physicist and a renewable energy enthusiast. This page is my portfolio of some things I have done.


Drop Solver

A Jupyter notebook that demonstrates solving the Young-Laplace differential equation for axisymmetric drops of water.

Miller-Rabin Primality

A Python implementation of the Miller-Rabin probabilistic primality test with comparison to a less effective (but deterministic) method.

Sun Statistics Calculator

An interactive online tool that calculates sun statistics for a given location with astronomical accuracy (yes, really).

Emergent Big Data

What is big data? My interpretation is that big data are unexpected emergent properties arising from large quantities of data.

IoT Development

IoT Development is my other blog that concentrates mostly on technical aspects of doing data science in the cloud. It acts as a public notebook for specific problems that I have solved.

Solar Mini Grid

I blog together with a friend of mine about mini grids and renewable energy.